Unli-Climb from Danao to Danasan

If you like challenging long steep climbs, then this route is for you.

This route features two significant climbs. The first climb is 5.5km with a 8% average incline. The second climb is 6.15km at 6.6%.

But once you reach the top, the views can't be beat. The riding on the top will feature 360 degree views, open mountains, and wonderful roads.

Take a break in Danasan Eco Adventure Park or maybe even choose to spend the night there, because if you don't, you'll need to go through the gauntlet of the mountains all over again just to head back to Danao proper.




Not for the faint of heart. You might want a good beer after the ride. 

  • 53.5 km
  • 1460 meters
  • Out and back
  • Steep off-road climbs and descents
  • Crappy cemented inner roads
  • Big tires preferred

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