Triple B 😆 - Baugo/Budlaan/Buak

The idea of this ride started out as a joke because there is no real reason to do it.

Unless you want pain.

Pain is the only reason to do it. Don't get me wrong. There's a lot of good mountain scenery in this route, but that's something you can find plenty on less punishing routes.

This route features three very difficult climbs.

The first climb is Baugo - 1.77km with a 11.7% average gradient.

The second is Budlaan - 1.8km at 10%. The segment is called "Budlaan Jaw Dropping Climb."

The third is the famous Buak Climb - 1.79km at 9.7%. 

At least you have the toughest climb first.



Not for the faint of heart. You might want a good beer after the ride. 

  • 40.3 km
  • 1070 meters
  • Loop
  • Steep climbs and descents
  • Crappy cemented inner roads
  • Big tires preferred, but doable on a road bike

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