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I can't help but roll my eyes when I hear people take cycling too seriously.

Especially when, as an after effect, it alienates those who simply want to ride a bike.

I'm talking about the cyclists who judge other people for the bike they ride, for the clothes they wear, to even the speeds they go up a climb.

Those things don't matter.

I'd rather bike with someone who knows how to have fun.

If they happen to be a strong cyclist, then that's double the fun for me.

Cycling is fun.

Well... it's supposed to be fun.

When it stops being fun, it's difficult to get the motivation to go for a ride. So first and foremost, find the fun. Once you find it, everything else sorts itself out.


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  • Yup, totally agree. I have neighbors who take cycling too seriously to the point that they degrade and look down on other people’s bikes including mine. This never slowed me down from riding but instead, gained more motivation to prove people that cycling doesn’t need to be expensive or in a pro-level, you can have fun riding what you can afford and what you freaking want.


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