UCI Gravel World Series Philippines 2022 Race Recap


There's something about doing difficult things that make it very rewarding. I'm glad I did this race and I hope to see more people do it next year.

I think what makes gravel races unique is that for most people, it's not really a race. Sure, there are some who belong to the pointy end of the race, they are the ones who are super fit and actually try to win, but for most of us, we have very different motivations.

For the race, I just wanted to do the best I could, to see how I stacked up. I learned so much that I'm already excited for the next one.

For others, it was an opportunity to enjoy an environment around like minded individuals, around people who wanted to do this thing that we all love, cycling.

And of course, others simply wanted to finish the course, see how far they could push themselves.

It's marketed as a race, but honestly, it felt more like a get together where cyclists tried to do this very hard thing together.

I hope to see more like minded events pop up all over the Philippines (particularly in Cebu so I don't need to shell out so much money on travel lol). Events where the focus isn't only on the top riders, but on the experience of trying to do something difficult and trying to be a better version of ourselves.

Here's to more of these events.

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