To be honest, I would rather not organize a race.
The reason I decided to push through with NO BORING RACE was because I wanted to see more adventure style races in Cebu. I wanted to see the type of race that I would enjoy.
A race that I could test myself, but at the same time if I wanted to, I could take my time.
Cebu has plenty of races for the uber competitive cyclist. There are lots of crit, road , XC, and enduro style races. While these types of races are great, it can be intimidating for the new cyclist.
One of my first races was the CEBU EPIC in 2019. I was a new cyclist and had no idea what I was doing, but it was one of the most fun cycling experiences I had ever done to that point. It was basically an adventure race around the Cebu mountains. Coincidentally, the BOGO EPIC 2022 was a very similar experience.
I wish there were more races like that.
But since there weren't many, I decided to do something about it and try organizing one myself.
I'm happy to say that the race was a big success.
I got positive feedback from the super strong cyclists to the weekend warriors. I loved that after the race, everyone just hung out and chatted about their experience. It was a very chill vibe.
I also loved that the race started as soon as registration opened. There were so many who did track reads before the race.
One of my goals was to encourage people to explore the lesser known routes around Cebu. So many groups did track reads before the actual race day. Some did versions of the route three to five times. The routes were a big topic of conversation.
I discovered that for many of the participants, this was their first bicycle race. I hope it was a good experience for them and I hope they join more.
As I said, I didn't want to organize a race, and the truth is I still don't. If someone were to organize a very similar race, I would very happily join as a participant.
But in the meantime, since many are looking forward to the next one, I guess I'll have to do it again.
Cheers to more NO BORING RACES!
Thank you to all the sponsors!
I can't think of a more perfect venue than CEFERINO for the event.
The visuals from BLACK PRESS and WHITE BRICK gave the event a shine that I could never possibly do on my own.
I was so happy that KAI STICKERS sponsored medals for the event.
The beer from TURNING WHEELS was the perfect celebration drink for the first few participants to finish the race.
BIKE SCOUTS was invaluable, not only for providing raffle items, but also for connecting us with BASE CAMP EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (BCERT). They helped out with the injured cyclists that day.
And of course, the raffle items from CYCLE MEETING, TOTO's BIKE STAND, FLATISBORING, SM CITY CONSOLACION, and VILLAIN CYCLES made sure that the participants got to bring something home after the race.
Also thank you to Cheap Shot and Cyclography for all the beautiful photos! I was so lucky to have you guys around!
And lastly, thank you to Liloan and the surrounding towns. I love cycling your GROADS.
Race results here:

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