Here are the race details:
WHEN: July 14, 2024
START: Vibo Place, N Escario St, Cebu City
END: Buak - near TOPS road
Extreme Route - 64.8km
Tough Route - 52km
Easy Route - 25.43km
P950 - Extreme and Tough
P650 - Easy
Via GCASH to 0998 993 3184
Finisher Medal
Cash Prizes for Top 3 and Special Medals for 4th to 10th place
Categories: 35 years and below, 36-49 years old, 50 years old and up, Women (Open)
Start place: VIBO PLACE
Start time: 4:30AM
Cut off Time: 2PM
Deadline of registration: July 8, 2024
What are the goals of No Boring Race?

Personally, I've been frustrated with the fact that if I want to join an offroad adventure style race, I have to take an airplane.

The most recent one I joined was the UltraGravel Challenge in New Clark City.

I really enjoyed my adventure, and I want to bring that experience to Cebu.

There have been some very good local offroad races in the past, like the Bogo EPIC in 2022.

But these races have been far and few between.

Case in point, there was no Bogo EPIC in 2023.

So the first goal for No Boring Race will be to make this a regular occurrence.

I want a No Boring Race every year. I want this race to become THE offroad adventure race in Cebu.

With that in mind, I partnered with a group that is no stranger to organizing local races. Uban ta Bai’ke have a great track record and have earned the trust of the local race community.

I'll be relying on them to make the race as fun and fair as possible.

I would love it if our neighbors from the other islands decided to come to Cebu for No Boring Race.

In many ways, Cebu is perfect for an adventure race.

It has beautiful vistas, lots of varied terrain, lots of strong cyclists, and the routes tend to be very difficult.

While the number of kilometers might not seem like much, the routes are tough because...

Cebu is known for it's steep climbs.

So it's going to be a hard race.

But while we want people to test themselves, we also want to show the best cycling in Cebu.

There's going to be generous time cuts (tentatively till 2pm). So you have the opportunity to cycle with a group and party pace the route.

Which to be honest, might be the best way to have the most fun.

Because while it is fun to race, not everything needs to be a race.

That's what I love most about these adventure style events.

You can race it. Or you can ride it.

Either way, you'll enjoy it.

In order to make No Boring Race sustainable and repeatable, I urge you to share this race to your friends and ask them to join.

You can register here at

See you at the race!

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