Ever since December 2021, it's been a bit quiet on the Villain front.

The fam and I took a vacation to the US. We left a day before typhoon Odette hit Cebu.

When in America, it was disconcerting to see all the posts online and the struggles our friends and family went through post Odette.

We're finally back home to good old Cebu. We were fortunate not to experience too much damage to our house, and most of our friends and relatives are ok.

The biggest challenge we are experiencing is internet access. Mobile data is spotty in our area, the direct lines to our internet is gone, and we've been going to our relative's houses to access decent internet. 

But that is nothing compared to what other people are currently experiencing. Many have lost their homes, their livelihoods, and even their lives.

So again, if you haven't yet, consider donating to the #BangonVisMin - A Typhoon Odette Fundraiser. This was started by my wife, Steph and her friend Ria. They've managed to raise $14,876 and have already remitted most of it to 20 ongoing relief ops both from private organizations and individuals. 

Here's a look at my first ride back in Cebu. It was an eyeopener.



But I'm still happy to be home. Happy to be riding familiar roads... and not wearing winter wear.

Cheers! Good to be back!


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