I hinted last week of an exciting announcement.

But first, let me take you back to pre-2020.

I had been cycling for a few years, and I realized that I was passionate about it.

I have a tendency of pushing my passions into some sort of endeavor.

So I decided to look into starting a bike shop.

I was in the research phase of my endeavor when 2020 happened.

And we all know how that went down.

Everything sorta just stopped.

I couldn't have any progress, but I'm not one to just sit around and do nothing.

I gave up on the idea of a shop.

But I started learning how to edit and shoot video, uploaded a vlog on YouTube, and here we are.

I started Villain Cycles somewhere in there to scratch my own itch in terms of the clothing.

But now, I think it's time to go back to what I initially intended.

Villain is finally selling bike equipment.

This opportunity came about through the vlog obviously.

I had inquired with the PH distributor of Magene (SPN Cycle) about an indoor trainer and they opened up the idea of exploring a sales partnership.

As a result, I am also tasked to deal these products to bike shops here in Cebu (so if interested, please let me know).

Then I also happened to be in talks with Farsports Philippines with more or less the same arrangement.

Which means, I am able to sell their brands on my store!

A few things I'm excited about:
  • SPN lent me the Magene T300 Indoor Trainer, it has a great review from GPLama. So I'm excited to use it.
  • I'm purchasing a Farsports Integrated Handlebar soon (Olympics proven).
  • Within the week, I hope to post the Farposrts carbon wheelsets on the store.
Then I have a few things on my wishlist.
  • The Magene PES P505 has another great review from GPLama.
  • The Farsports Gravel Wheelset seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.
So ya... that's the announcement.

Please let me know if there are things you wish to see on the website.


- Carlo Villarica
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